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May I introduce myself...


My name is Adriano Vanin. I was born in Trieste, they say, in 1947. Up to 1966 I lived around there, at Monfalcone; later on I moved to Milan, where I took my degree in Physics.
Trieste - Miramare Castle
Surveying the Tacchi cave beyond the flooded passages (1978) In the meanwhile, I started caving. It was a lot of fun underground and I explored quite a bit. I published several articled, both serious and humorous, on many caving magazines. I serviced as a volunteer in the Caving Rescue Team and kept the responsibility for operations in Lombardy ten years long.

I also hiked a lot in the mountains and was charmed by the wonderful environment of the Dolomites and by their ancient legends.
On the Durissini pathway, Cadini di Misurina  (1977)
ILS LLZ corner-type antenna at the airport of Luxembourg  (1985)
My job has always been in electonics: instrumental landing equipment, and things like that. I never switched my job. I became chief engineer and lived many happy hours (but not always as happy), met with interesting people and also got the chance to go around on business trips and see my share of the big world.


I married Elvia: we met in a cave. She tolerates me - with less and less patience - since over thirty years. Together we made two wonderful girls and several trips in our small-size camping car.

Elvia after 20 hours in the Guglielmo cave (1972)
Me in my garden (2005)
Now I'm living in the countryside, on the first hills north of Milan, in close intimacy with a PC, six cats and two dogs. I happily retired and now I can devote myself almost full-time to my interest in the Dolomitic legends. I wrote an essay on the Fanes, which has been published in July, 2013, and two novels, which is my intention to publish.