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The Fanes' Saga      
  Researches on Legend  
    Short History of Saga Studies  
    My Own Method Proposal  
    What remains to be done  
    Remarks on Single Works  
      G.B.Alton: Proverbi etc.
      H. Birkhan: Fanes Saga
      Legends from Rocca Pietore
      Poppi on oral tradition in Fassa
    Wolff: Germ. and Ital.: Introd.  
     Wolff: Germ. and Ital.: Fanes.
      1st Forew. to Kingd. of Fanes
      2nd Forew. to Kingd. of Fanes
      Forew. to 1st Iss. Dolomitensagen
      Forew. to 8th Iss. Dolomitensagen
      Matriarchate and Patriarchate
      Forew. to 9/11/12th Iss. Dolom.S.
      Integrations to Dolomitensagen
    Wolff translated into languages  
    Wolff and J.R.R. Tolkien  
    G.Innerebner's archeol. resrch.  
  Analysis of the Legend    
    A summary of the legend  
    The Myth of the Origins  
    Fanes 1: Twinnings  
    Fanes 2: Inserted Myths  
    Fanes 3:Dolasilla at war  
    Fanes 4: Ey-de-Net  
    Fanes 5: The King's Betrayal  
    Fanes 6: End of the Kingdom  
    The Myth of the 'Resurgence'  
    The Fassa Valley Trilogy  
    Related Legends  
  Cultural Background    
    Cults and Myths  
    Socio-Economical Conditions  
  In some more depth    
    The anguane  
    The salvans  
    Personal Names in the Saga  
    The Marmot  
    The Vulture  
    The Flame Vulture  
    Lujanta's Destiny  
    Comp. w. Romulus & Remus  
    Climatic Variations  
    The Aurona  
    Populations of the Dolomites  
    Mount Amariana  
    The Town of Contrin  
    Gli Arimanni  
    I Trusani  
    Pills of geology  
    The Pre-Roman Fassa Valley  
    The Raietta  
  Myth, History, Fiction    
  Legend Evolution    
  Underlying Events    
    Origins of the Fanes society  
    The Last King  
    Clash withe Palaeo-Venetics  
    The End of the Kingdom  
Fanes' Places      
  The Croda Rossa    
  Alps of Sennes-Fosses    
  The Cunturines    
  The Alps of Fanes    
  The Croda Vanna    
  The Silvery Lake    
  Plan de Corones    
  Mount Amariana    
  The plain of Fiammes    
  Anguane, val Costeana    
  The Padon    
  Tsicuta's Home    
  The Pralongià    
  The Furcia dai Fers    
  The Lake of Braies    
The Fanes in Art    
  Figurative Arts    
  Movies, theat.,radio, TV    
Cultural Proposals      
  Zakan - wer weiss wann    
  Fanes King discovered    
  Ledges over Büs da Slü    
  Fanes Cultural Soc.    
  Renderyard Award    
  Meridiani Montagne    
  G.Palmieri's deceased    
  Garden State Film Fest.    
  L.A. Reel Film Festival    
  Art Exhib. at Selva Cad.    
  Visit to Brenner Archive    
  Presentation of book    
  Desmontegada Falc.    
  Anguane and calendar    
  The "velme"    
  Eagles, or vultures?    
  Myth. meaning of Molta    
  Young raiders, wolves    
  Wolff and the Kalevala    
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