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The Fanes' places: the Pralongià

A long meadow-covered wide ridge stretching from Corvara - La Villa up to the Sett Sass, the Pralongià is a wonderful balcony with a view over several among the finest Dolomitic groups.

Mainly composed by tender marls and limestones of the Carnian, very rich of fossils, the Pralongià consists of a wide, soft- and flat-outlined plateau, surrounded by lofty mountain groups displaying their abrupt dropping cliff walls.

In the saga, it represents the battlefield where the Palaeo-Venetic coalition army, overwhelmingly superior in number and weaponry, is attacked by the Fanes on surprise, presumably during the night, and brought to the verge of disaster. But then sunrise comes, Dolasilla is wounded to death and the fate of the battle turns in favour of the coalition

Well visible from: Upper Badia valley, Sella Group, Gardenaccia, Sett Sass...


The Pralongià seen from the slopes of the Sett Sass; on the background are the Sella Group, Gardena pass, Pizzes da Cir and the SassSongher
(photo Vanin)

Excursions: a paradise for alpine skiing in wintertime, the Pralongià can be accessed by lifts on all sides and is the scenery for several long, very easy walks. More interesting is the loop around the dominating Sett Sass, with many war remains.