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From time immemorial the Ladinians, the inhabitants of the central Dolomites, preserve the remembrance of an ancient kingdom up on their mountains, that grew powerful and glorious but was eventually destroyed by treason…

The “Kingdom of Fanes”, the only saga originated within Italian boundaries that may vaguely be comparable to the great Arthurian or Nibelungian cycles, was gathered and transcribed around the end of the XIX century by Karl Felix Wolff, the author of the well known collection of legends titled “The Pale Mountains”. If we analyse the saga today, in the light of the recent researches in archaeology, history, geology etc., we are able to discover several clues pointing at a specific cultural environment: that of the transition from the Bronze to the Iron Age.

This site is devoted to the ancient legend and to its tentative interpretation.



NEWS 2014
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An important step forward in the understanding of social features of ancient European tribes, which might also apply to the Fanes society, comes from an archaeological discovery performed in Russia. I'm talking about it here.

I attended a lecture keld by Pentikainen, a well known researcher on the Kalevala (the Finnish national epic), ehere I was able to deepen some of its aspects and put them in relation with the Fanes' saga. Details here.

I received from its Author, Kläre Wieser-French, a manuscipt copy of the five-acts tragedy in German language “Die Silbernen Pfeile” [The Silver Arrows]. More of it here.

I received news on a fresco at S.Vigilio depicting Moltina and on the busts of Moltina e Dolasilla at the Museo Ladino at S.Martin de Tor.

Last September, I spent a few very pleasant days at the Desmontegada at Falcade, a popular festival celebrating the shepherds coming back home from the high mountain pastures. I also learned some interesting details on the folklore of the Biois valley.

Following the publication of my book "Il regno dei Fanes - analisi di una leggenda delle Dolomiti" I held several lectures for its presentation. The next ones are planned on days February 15th and 16th, 2014 at Bolzano at Expo Games. I should hold one soon also at Milano at the seat of CAI SEM, but I don't know the date yet.



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