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Cultural proposals


1 - Lectures

I'm getting experienced at holding lectures on the Fanes' saga, with slides. Now I've got a few standards, according to their desired duration: half an hour (just a short overview), one hour (a quick presentation of the most important material) or two hours (VERY interested people only!). Alternatively, I may split the lecture into a cycle (two to five), one hour long each. I can also comply with custom requirements concerning duration or topics, e.g. talking about Ladinian legends other than the Fanes' saga. I generally make use of my laptop PC, but I need an external projector.

In case you may like organizing one or more evenings about the Fanes, please contact me at:


2 - Essay

.Since long I've prepared an essay, that covers all material appearing in this site and something more. I eventually succeeded (July, 2013) in having it published (in Italian only) by "Il Cerchio" under the title "IL REGNO DEI FANES - ANALISI DI UNA LEGGENDA DELLE DOLOMITI" with a preface by Paolo Gulisano and illustrations by Elena Vanin (my daughter). In case you are interested in buying a copy with a dedication, at the cost of 20 Euros, or you want make me know your remarks, please contact me at:

3 - Novel

I've written a novel as well, that transposes the events of the Fanes saga in a... well, in a novel form. Those who have read it, say they've enjoyed it. I'm trying to have it published too. In case you're interested to book a copy, please contact me at my usual address:


4 - Zakan - wer weiss, wann...

In 2003 the "Bayerischer Rundfunk" radio from Münich broadcast a series, in German and Ladinian language, about Ladinian legends. By kind courtesy of the Authors, Dr. Andrea Zinnecker and mr. Wolfgang Karreth, to whom I renew my most heartful thanks, they are now available here. Click on the above title to access the page where the files (long: they correspond to about three hours of broadcasting!), or divided into single-topic passages, can be listened to or downloaded. My best thanks to dr. Veronica Irsara, from San Cassiano, who is helping me in preparing their short-form translation.