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The purpose of this section is to report upon facts and events concerning the Fanes that have just happened, like meetings, lectures or discoveries. Events yet to happen will be signalled in the News. I will happily add new material I'm personally unaware of, as soon as it will be signalled to me.


September, 2013 The Desmontegada at Falcade
2013 Lectures for the presentation of the volume "Il Regno dei Fanes - analisi di una leggende delle Dolomiti"by A. Vanin
September, 2011 My visit to the "Brenner" Archive at Innsbruck, where Wolff's legacy is preserved
June, 2011 An exhibition of art has opened at Selva di Cadore displaying works by Luisa Rota Sperti
December, 2009 At the Los Angeles Reel Film Festival, several awards have been conferred upon the movie "Le Rëgn de Fanes"
April, 2008 Susy Rottonara is awarded the "Best International Score" at the Garden State Film Festival for her music of the movie "Le Rëgn de Fanes"
January, 2008 Professor Giuliano Palmieri, archaeologist, well-known expert at Dolomitic legends and folklore and a great lover of the Fanes' saga, passed away
November, 2007 The November issue of the magazine "Meridiani Montagne" (Meridians, Mountains) is totally devoted to the Dolomiti of Fanes, with a hint to their legends
October, 2007 The international Renderyard award has been conferred upon the musics of the movie "Le Rëgn de Fanes"
Sept. 9th, 2007: King of Fanes eventually discovered (better, his stone effigy at Falzarego pass)
13-17/8/2007: First search on the ground for the Fanes' stronghold, with the decisive help of Club Speleologico Proteo of Vicenza and with the Camminare sui Monti Society of Trieste
August 2007 : Cultural events organized at La Villa and San Vigilio di Marebbe by the Associazione Culturale Fanes (Lia Fanes)