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The purpose of this section is to discuss, a little at random, on topics still under study, about which, therefore, I have no final opinion yet. My hope is that site users may bring in their contribution, be it their specific knowledge on a subject, or just their opinions on the matter. All who wish to do so, please write me. The topics listed at bottom are among those I'm meditating about at the moment; sooner or later I'll come to a conclusion and close them, maybe transferring their content to another section of the site, and in the meanwhle I'll open new ones. If you wish to add, or see added, other topics concerning the Fanes and surroundings, even if not related to the interpretation or the analysis of the saga, you just have to make me a proposal! (It is my intention to publish every intervention on the site as much as possible exactly as it has been formulated, even if, and specially if, it expresses opinions contrary to my own; of course, however, I reserve to myself the right to filter everything that appears on my site).


Topics now under study: