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Sites of experts about the Fanes:

Prof. Ulrike Kindl : Top authority on the subject. Her site isn't devoted to the Fanes anyway, but to German language and literature, that she teaches at the University of Venice.

Prof. Giuliano Palmieri : A mountain-loving archaeologist, prof. Palmieri, who sadly passed over a short time ago, presents in this site his works on several aspects of the Dolomites, Fanes included

Innsbruck Archives : The Archives where Wolff's original manuscripts are stored. The site lists them and displays the reproduction of a few pages, as well as several interesting photos of the Author.


Sites that kindly allowed me to reproduce their images:

Cemax : Cemax' personal site.

Dall'Agnol : Association of the Dall'Agnol family and of others who emigrated from Fastro di Arsiè. Origins, spreading, genealogy, photos of the places of origin, and various

Ilpalo : Three friends (Ilario, Paolo and Lorenzo) who hike together in the mountains and take wonderful photos in unconventional places

Semiperdo : The site of a nice Orienteering association from Friuli; site master A. Foschian

Sites devoted to legends, mythology, populations of the past:

Bifröst - the Rainbow Bridge : A wonderful site for all lovers of legends..It contains the text of several among the most important myths and legends in Europe, and more.
Bibrax Cultural Association : A site devoted to ancient Celts' culture and to their material and spiritual world.  


Sites devoted to the promotion of Ladinian legends:

Le Rëgn de Fanes : A movie on the Fanes saga! This is also the official site of the Fanes Cultural Association (Lia Fanes);


Sites of friends who have an interest at the Fanes:

Camminare sui monti : An association of mountain hikers, based in Trieste.

Neraluna : Sculptures, scenography, dresses, accessories and stage makeup; specialized in dark, gothic, fantasy

Norbert Spina : A friend who is quite interested at the Fanes, but even more at Tolkien; moreover, at aviation, at mountain hiking, at computers, at photos...

Club Spelologico Proteo - Vicenza

The caving club that discovered and explored all known caves and chasms on the plateaus of Fanes and Sennes!


Katya Sanna

An artist whose blog contains a lot of hints about quite different topics.



Important Ladinian sites:

Istitut Cultural Ladin "Majon di fascegn", Vigo di Fassa

Istitut Ladin "Micurá de Rü", San Martino in Badia

Istitut Cultural Ladin "Cesa de Jan", Colle Santa Lucia

ALD-I, Linguistic Atlas of Dolomitic Ladinian and neighbouring Dialects, 1st part (Speaking Linguistic Atlas) - University of Salzburg

Association for threatened populations for human rights, worldwide

Museum ladin, Ladinian Museum at San Martino in Badia, political and cultural magazine

La Usc di Ladins, voice of the General Association of Dolomitic Ladinians

Union di Ladins de Gherdëina, voice of the Gardena Valley Ladinian Association


Sites of the huts in the Fanes-Sennes area:

Rifugio Fanes at the Alpe di Fanes piccola, m 2060, private, 75 beds

Rifugio Lavarella at the Alpe di Fanes piccola, m 2042, private, 26 beds + 20 sleeping places

Rifugio Pederù in the Pederù valley, m 1545, private, 25 beds

Rifugio Fodara Vedla at the Alpe Fodara Vedla, m 1980, private, 32 beds + 14 sleeping places

Rifugio Sennes at the Alpe di Sennes, m 2126, private, 41 beds

Rifugio Biella at the Alpe di Fosses, m 2327, CAI Treviso, 42 beds.