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Short topographical and hiking notes on the main legend whereabouts. All climbing details are taken from A.Berti, Guida dei monti d'Italia. I would have liked inserting detailed maps, but they would have overloaded the site. So, for hiking and climbing trips, only hints are provided; I suggest documenting on e.g. the Tabacco maps scaled 1:25,000 or the Kompass maps scaled 1:50,000, as well as on one of the excellent available guidebooks.

Be careful: several of the proposed trips require some climbing experience; most require a suitable footwear and gear, and knowledge of the mountain environment.

Most photos (and all the best) were not taken by me. I must heartily express my thanks to their Authors' courtesy, who have kindly allowed me to document this site with them. I remind that they are low-res reproductions: the images may be admired in all their splendour at their original sites, that have been duly quoted aside and linked to.