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 The Fanes' places: mount Amariana

It probably was the Croda da Lago ("Lake's Peak") (cima Ambrizzola, m 2715). The slim, elegant structure stands out lonely, due South of the ancient sacred lake situated at the source of the ru de ras Virgines, (Virgins' Brook), connected with the Sun myth of Merisana's wedding with the "king of rays". The Ambrizzola Top is the highest and southernmost of the group.

Climbed for the first time (Ey-de-Net apart!) by Fröschels, Silverstein, A. and P. Dimai in 1878, through the normal route.

The group, consisting of Norian Main dolomite, stands over a bank of Carnian dolomite, that composes its whole pedestal, as well as the Lastoni di Formin.

The reasons why I believe that cima Ambrizzola is the most probable localization of mount Amariana, that Ey-de-Net climbs "before sunrise, to greet the rising Sun from its top" just before the battle at Fiammes, are detailed in >Essays > mount Amariana.

Well visible from: Cortina d'Ampezzo basin, Tofane, Nuvolau, Mondeval plateau...

Climbs: normal route (east face), from the Ambrizzola saddle, through talus, ledges and gullies, 1st gr (2.5 hs). The Croda da Lago group presents a large number of other alpinistic routes of various difficulties, some of which have entered in their own good right into the history of rock climbing.


The toothed profile of the
Croda da Lago seen from the Averau cliffs; in between, the peculiar incline of the Lastoni di Formin
(photo Max -

Excursions: round trip starting from Giau pass m 2236: to Giau saddle m 2360 (1h); through the Mondeval plateau to Ambrizzola saddle m 2277(1 h); from here to the Palmieri hut m 2046 (1/2 hs.); to the Rucurto bridge m 1708 (1 h); from here back to Giau pass, partially on car road (1 1/4 hs). Alternative: from the Palmieri hut, down to the Casoni di Formin m 1850, then turn left and climb the Formin valley across the Lastoni stone field up to the Rossa del Formin saddle (or Lastoni saddle) m 2462 (2 hs.); from here, through the Mondeval, reconnect with the first part of the itinerary, to be walked back.