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The Fanes' saga


This is the site section where the Fanes' legend is discussed in detail. For an orderly approach, I suggest reading the several chapters in their sequence; anyway, everyone should feel free to proceed as he/she likes. Click on the list that follows to enter each corresponding chapter.

Notice: if you click on an underlined item within any of the listed chapters, the corresponding paragraph of another chapter is displayed IN ANOTHER PAGE. If you click on a bold underlined item, a movable window is displayed within the same page. It can be closed (guess it?) by clicking on CLOSE.


Researches on the legend

History of the studies on the Fanes'legend: the Ladinians, the precursors, K.F.Wolff and his followers, the modern critics; my methodological proposals; what remains to be done; bibliography.

Analysis of the legend

A detailed analysis of the Fanes'saga and of its related legends.


The cultural background

A synthesis of the cultural background that emerges from the legend


In some more depth

Short essays on several side subjects


Myth, history and fiction

How the legend took shape


The legend evolution

An attempt to follow the evolution of the legend through the centuries


The events underlying the legend

A tentative reconstruction of the "historical" events that might have triggered the legend