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The Fanes' saga - Researches on the Legend


This chapter is divided into the nine parts listed below. The first contains an extremely short hint to Ladinians, then quickly summarizes how their legends, specifically the Fanes cycle, have been recovered from the edge of oblivion, and mentions a few critical essays on them. The second part clarifies the rationale and the purpose of my attempt to interpret the legend background and formation mechanism. The third section outlines what, in my opinion, still remains to do on the subject. The fourth one contains informations and remarks on single important works. The fifth one is a comparison between Wolff's original texts in German and their Italian translations, adding the chapters translated by me. The sixth section is a preliminary list of Wolff's works translated into languages different from German and Italian. The seventh one is a comparative sketch between two rather different Authors, both experts in folklore: Wolff and J.R.R. Tolkien. The eighth page is a translation of G.Innerebner's paper on his "archaeological researches" in the Fanes mountains. The last page is just a bibliographical list.