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The Fanes' Saga - Researches on the legend

Translations of Wolff's works into other languages


I recently had the pleasure and honor of starting a talk about the Fanes with Peter Bridges, an American diplomat and writer (you can find some of his articles about Italy at this site). The question arose soon, whether Wolff's works were available in other languages apart from German and Italian and, more specifically, what was available in English. Something emerged by checking the catalog of the American Congress Library ; I'm reporting here some very preliminary results.



Wolff Karl Felix, 1927: The pale mountains; folk tales from the Dolomites; authorized English translation by Francesca La Monte, with drawings by Anne Merriman Peck., Minton, Balch & company, New York. 204 p. illus. 21 cm. .(Ed.'s Note: according to the translator's name, and the book size and title, it looks like being a translation from the Italian version "I Monti Pallidi" (1922), better than from the original Dolomitensagen in German).

Wolff Karl Felix, 1930: The Dolomites and their legends, Vogelweider, Bolzano, translated by the Austrian baroness Lea Rukawina, who died in 1950. (Ed.'s Note: this book, not present in the catalog of the Congress library, has been kindly pointed out to me by Peter Bridges, who owns a copy).

Wolff Karl Felix, 1958: The Dolomites and their legends, Verlagsanstalt Tyrolia, Innsbruck. 160 p. illus. 20 cm. [translation in brief of Dolomiten-Sagen]. (Ed.'s Note: Peter Bridges supposes it to be the same translation as the previous title).



Wolff Karl Felix, 1964: Kalpeiden vuorten tarinoita [Tales of the Pale Mountains], transl. by Aila Nissinen, Osakeyktiö Valistus, Helsinki, 80 p. illus. 26 cm. (Ed.'s Note: probably a rather restricted selection).



Wolff Karl Felix, 1988: L ciavalier cun la mirandules y d'autra liejëndes, translated into Gardena-Ladinian by Elsa Runggaldier; drawings by Edith Insam Grossi. Union di Ladins de Gherdëina [selection from Dolomitensagen], 72 p. illus., 24 cm