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The Fanes' saga - Analysis of the legend


The interpretation of the true meaning of a legend and its datation to a given period, by framing it within its historical background, if any, can only start from the punctual analysis of the version, or versions, that have been handed down to us. This part of the site is devoted to this patient effort. Obviously, all factual statements contained here must only be taken as working hypotheses, and the condition "provided that all this ever existed" may perhaps have been left implicit for the sake of readability, but is constantly present and must never be forgotten. Only later, at the end of the tedious job of comparing the text with the bulk of scientific data derived form every pertinent source, we may feel authorized to advance - although in probabilistic terms only - a few cautious statements regarding the possible real occurrence of the narrated events.


For an easier reading, the analysis of the saga has been split into the following chapters: