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April, 2008

The "Best international score" at the Garden State Film Festival has been awarded to the music of the movie "Le Rëgn de Fanes" by Susy Rottonara


Again, after the Renderyard Award of London (see news n.4), a prized award has been conferred at an international film festival upon Susy Rottonara, for the music she composed for the film "The Fanes' Kingdom" [Le Rëgn de Fanes]. This time it happened in the United States, exactly at Asbury Park (New Jersey). The news have first been reported by the Ladinian site "", together with an in-depth musical analysis by Davide Bondoni. Susy, whom we warmly gratulate again, made available for us the passage we are reporting here below, describing the award in some more detail.



Best International Score” for the music of the Ladinian film Le Rëgn de Fanes [The Fanes' Kingdom] composed by Susy Rottonara, soprano and pianist from La Villa in Badia, who also authored the script together with Roland Verra and acted as the protagonist in the role of the fighting princess Dolasilla and of her sister Lujanta, in a Hans-Peter Karbon production.
This is the second international distinction for the film score, after the first prize it was awarded at the Renderyard Film Festival in London, in October, 2007.


Festival: “Garden State Film Festival” 2008 at Asbury Park, New Jersey (USA)

The festival is devoted to independent movies - fiction, short- or long-films, animation documentaries and musical videos - split into four main categories, two of which entirely devoted to film music, either authored by New Jersey residents (“Home Grown Awards” and “Home Grown Music Competition Winners”), or by composers from the rest of the world (“Festival Awards” and “Music Competition Winners)”.
The festival takes place every year since 2003 and has been founded, among others, by the Hollywood actor Robert Pastorelli and by the producer of the movie “Batman”, Michael Uslan. It represents the most important occurrence devoted to independent movies in New Jersey. The events connected with the festival, consisting of debates, meetings with the Authors, presentation of emerging Authors (“Open Talent Casting Call”) and of their works, workshops and evening parties, attended by several personages of the entertainment world, took place mainly at the Paramount Theater (Convention Hall), where the contest finalist movies were shown April 3rd to 6th. The announcement of the winners and the awarding ceremony took place in the evening of April, 6th.