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October, 2007

The international Renderyard award has been conferred upon the musics of the movie
"Le Rëgn de Fanes" by Susy Rottonara

The ceremony has taken place in London Oct., 2007


The Renderyard Film Festival is an international review of experimental and animation short movies, that takes places in London every October. Renderyard Film Festival 2007 attracted an outstanding amount of high quality short films from around the world. Three awards have been assigned: Best Short Film, Best Script and Best Film Music. The winning movies, that have been shown in several London rooms all through October, are the following:.

Renderyard Film Festival Winner for Best Short Film 2007 watch film
Herzog and the Monsters
Directed by Lesley Barnes

Renderyard Film Festival Winner for Best Script 2007
Written by Stuart Creque

Renderyard Film Festival Winner for Best Film Music 2007
The Rëign of Fanes
Written by Roland Verra

My best congratulations and my wishes for a more and more successful career to Susy Rottonara, who authored the film music upon which the prized award was conferred.

The Renderyard Music Award being conferred upon Susy Rottonara's music for the movie "Le Rëgn de Fanes" - London, Oct. , 2007