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Following the publication of my volume "Il Regno dei Fanes - analisi di una leggenda" I held several lectures for its presentation:


- tuesday August 6th at 17.30 at Pozza di Fassa at the sala comunale;

- thursday August 8th at 18.00 at Cortina d'Ampezzo at the Hotel Miramonti;

- wednesday August 21st at 21.00 at Falcade, at the sala consiliare, piazza Municipio 1;

- thursday August 22nd at 21.00 at S.Vito di Cadore at the ex asilo, Italia 92;

- friday August 23rd at 21.00 at Agordo at the sala don Tanis, via 27 aprile 10;

- friday November 15th at 21.00 at Viganò (LC) at the Biblioteca comunale;

- friday December 20th at 21.00 at Novate Milanese (MI) at theLibreria Madonnina.