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December 2nd, 2007

- Today, just a couple of news:

- An important international movie award has been conferred upon the film music of the movie "Le Rëign de Fanes"; best congratulations and wishes to Susy Rottonara, who authored them;

- The magazine "Meridiani Montagne"'s issue of November (n.29) is entirely devoted to the Dolomiti di Fanes; there is a hint to the Fanes' saga, and this site gets quoted as well (!).

September 18th, 2007

- I've added the section "Laboratory", devoted to topics that are still under study, and about which I also hope to be able collecting some pieces of information and opinions by the site users. I'm beginning by three topics: the Ladinian words used to indicate eagles and resp. vultures; the meaning of the word "velme" in the Fodom dialect; and the presence of other shield-bearers in the various armies of the old ages.

- I've also inserted,upon kind request by the American reader Deborah Lewis, a summary of the legend (in the section "Analysis") for those who are more or less completely unacquainted with it;

- I've also inserted a remark into the section "Reports", where I refer about the retrieval, on the cliff of mount Lagazuoi, of the long-sought effigy of the King of Fanes turned into stone; my thanks to A. Foschian (Fox) who kindly allowed me to reproduce his photo on this site also:

- Finally, I updated and enriched again the page of Links.



September 1st, 2007

Several new features on the site:

- I've introduced a new section, "Fanes in Art", divided into four pages: literature, figurative arts, music and movies-theater-radioTV. The material is still far from complete, and I'm inviting everybody who is aware of other works, kindly to tell me.

- I've inserted a section of "Reports" to keep account of events that have taken place, like lectures, meetings or so, or also of specific researches, etc. Two first examples are already on site;

- Thanks to dr. Veronica Irsara's kind contribution, I was able to correct a few mistakes in my "translation" from Ladinian at the page "Zakan - wer weiss wann";

- I have split the present page of News, that was becoming too long, shifting the news of former years (2006 only for the moment) into a separate archive, accessible from the bottom of this page;

- I updated and enriched the page of the Links;

- I updated the "Cultural proposals" someway;

- I corrected several points here and there, according to new informations I got..

I hope being able to update the site again soon, as I have a lot of meat in the pot.



July 11th, 2007

Thanks to the Author Alessandro Manfroi's courtesy, I added to the Bibliography a title devoted to archery in the Dolomites' mythology. My thanks also to Luca Gilardi, who alerted me that the download links for the complete audio tracks in the English section were unoperative. Now they should have been fixed.

I'm also happy to announce that the Fanes Cultural Association (in Ladinian: Lia Fanes) is organizing a sequence of events and lectures about the Fanes' Kingdom from next 28/7 to 26/8 in the Badia Valley . The full programme of the festival (in pdf format) can be consulted here. I'll attend myself the event of August 7th at La Villa and August 9th at San Vigilio di Marebbe, maybe also that of August 13th at the Fanes Hut.

June 27th, 2007

As the site has grown to some complexity, and finding topics is no longer easy, I've added a "Site map" showing the usual tree-shape, with remarks about the contents of each page and a quick link to reach it. In the future, I also wish to add a small "Site search" motor.

I'm also taking the chance here to celebrate the two-thousandth visitor of the site.

June 25th, 2007

Overcoming several difficulties - last but not least a lightning strike which entered my computer through the ADSL line - I got to complete a new, user-friendlier presentation of the audio passages broadcast by the "Bayerischer Rundfunk" (see news of Dec. 12,th, 2006), for which I'm grateful to ms. Tarabiono and dr. W. Karreth. Now you can separately downoad or listen to each single passage in German or Ladinian that compose the broadcast. I also summarily transcribed their content. I must apologyze for the mistakes I no doubt introduced because of my very scant knowledge of both languages, and I'm inviting anyone, who can help me improving on the result, to get in touch with me. I would also like, on the long run, transcribing and translating the whole broadcast, as it includes several informatons that are still unpublished as far as I know, to begin with the Fanes' saga.


June 1st, 2007

Today a new section appears again within the "Researches on the legend". Its title is "Wolff's text in German and its Italian translations". It has been triggered by Veronica Irsara's remark that there are at least some discrepancies between Wolff's original text in German and what has been translated and published in Italian. To check that, I retrieved the Dolomitensagen in their original language and started translating and comparing. I'm presenting here the first results of this comparison. I also somewhat modified the "Researches on the legend".

May 29th, 2007

I'm opening today a new section within the "Researches on the legend". Its title is "Remarks on single works" and it is devoted to the critical analysis os specific works, of different Authors, who studied the Fanes' saga or other Ladinian legends somehow related to it. I'm beginning the series, that I hope to enrich rather quickly, by a glimpse over G.B. Alton's delicious booklet (1881), "Proverbi, tradizioni ed anneddoti delle valli ladine orientali" [Proverbs, Traditions and Anecdotes from the Eastern Ladinian Valleys], which I recommend to all interested people - or at least to Italian speakers - because it is written in Ladinian with an Italian translation aside. I've also updated the Bibliography, adding several new titles to it.

April 10th, 2007

To all interested people:

Next monday April 30th, 2007 (in the prolonged festivity of May 1st ), at 18. p.m., Norbert Spina (Associazione Romana Studi Tolkieniani) and myself shall hold a twin lecture within the Festival Tolkieniana Net at the Auditorium of cascina Fagnana at Buccinasco (Mi). Norbert's lecture will be titled:

"From Middle-Earth to the Dolomites. A comparison between two mirroring characters: Éowyn of Rohan and Dolasilla of the Fanes"

and my own:

"The Kingdom of Fanes: a saga from pre-historical Dolomites ".

All interested people are kindly invited to visit the official site of the event at:



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