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July 26th, 2008

The American writer Peter Bridges has published on the web site "California Literary Review" a long note about the Fanes. A little more on that can be found here.

The Italian publisher Giunti has re-published Brunamaria Dal Lago Veneri's novel "Il Regno dei Fanes". Something less concise at this page.

The Teatro Stabile di Bolzano has staged a drama adapted from the above mentioned novel. Some more infos here.

I've added a link to Katya Sanna 's intriguing and mysterious blog.


April 27th, 2008

Susy Rottonara's music for the movie "Le Rëign de Fanes" obtained a new prized award: this time in America, at the "Garden State Film Festival" at Asbury Park (New Jersey)! Details in the News.

The friendly cooperation with the American diplomat and writer Peter Bridges allowed the compilation of a preliminary list of Wolff's works translated into languages different from German and Italian, available here.

From an exchange of e-mails with Norbert Spina, who made available the text of his lecture comparing Dolasilla and Eowyn of Rohan, the idea of an (uneasy) comparison between Wolff and J.R.R. Tolkien was developped: a first sketch can be found here.

Again Peter Bridges kindly informed me about a ballet, dated 1937 and inspired by Wolff's legends, composed by the Italian musician Renzo Massarani; further details in the section devoted to Music.

Next, I found - by chance - the site of a mountain paintress, Luisa Rota Sperti, who has created several drawings depicting Wolff's works; I'm reporting somewhat more diffusely about it in the section dealing with figurative arts.

I added an important title (I Veneti, di L. Capuis) to the Bibliography, upon kind infos by dr. Marino Baldovin, from Padua, whom I'm warmly thanking here.

The lecture I was announcing in the previous News, organized by Club Speleologico Proteo at their seat at Vicenza, took place as programmed and was met by a good attendance. My grateful thanks to my friends of the Proteo.

Last, I'm taking here the chance to celebrate this site having exceeded 4,000 visits, 2000 of which in the last nine months. My best and friendly greeetings to all visitors!


March 9th, 2008 (updated March 11th)

Next March 28th, at 9. p.m., I'll hold a speech about the Fanes, in a meeting organized by the Club Speleologico Proteo at their seat, C/o Ex Scuole Elementari "Fogazzaro", Viale Riviera Berica, 631 - 36100 Vicenza.

A few months ago, I started circulating a Newsletter, to inform interested people every time I update this site. Now I organized the matter somewhat better; you can find how in Community.

In the chapter Research - Remarks on single works I added a page about Helmut Birkhan's paper, that appeared in year 2000 on the Acts of the symposium "Ad Gredine forestum 999 - 1999", which I believe to be fundamental for the researches on the Fanes' saga. All my interpretation of the legend basically follows the guidelines established by the Austrian researcher, although - my fault - I've been unaware of its existence till the end of 2006.


February 18th, 2008

I've eventually been able to complete the comparison between the Italian translation of Wolff's Kingdom of Fanes and the latest German issue of the Dolomitensagen. A few points of some interest have surfaced, but not really important as far as the interpretation of the saga is concerned. I'm reporting about them in this page; as a consequence, I've also retouched previous one.

In the meanwhile, I got aware of the existence of an illustrated edition (unpublished) of the same Dolomitensagen, a work by Wolff himself and his brother, Richard; I'm reporting here about it.

Due to the researches of my friend, Franco Tauceri, we now know something more about the TV fiction of the seventies about the Fanes, that was titled "I monti di vetro" [The Mountains of Glass]. An updating can be found here.

Last, I've added a few new titles to the Bibliography.


January 13th, 2008

I've just been informed that prof. Giuliano Palmieri, often quoted in this site, passed away shortly before Christmas. An archaeologist, deep connoisseur of the Dolomites, of their folklore and their legends, Giuliano Palmieri was a great lover of the Fanes' saga, to which his first book - written together with Marco, his son - "I regni perduti dei Monti Pallidi" [The lost kingdoms of the Pale Mountains] was almost completely devoted. A longer hint to his life and works can be found in this page. Although I only had a chance to get acquainted with him shortly before he was stricken by an unforgiving disease, I heartily considered him as a friend. Farewell, Giuliano, we'll miss you.



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