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NEWS 2012
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December 22nd, 2012

The show "Fanes - the musical Poem of the Dolomites", written by Roland Werra with original music by Susy Rottonara, set up in September, 2011 at the Municipal Theater of Bolzano with the Orchestra Filarmonica Italiana, recorded and broadcast by the Ladinian RAI, directed by Alessandro Dapunt, has been awarded the first prize in in the category "music production" at the International Festival “Women and Minorities in Media Festival" organized by the Towson University in Maryland (USA).
For the list of the winners, see, and for details of the show see

The album "Dreaming of Fanes" - original music, soprano: Susy Rottonara, completely sung in Ladinian, has been included into the category "Best albun of the year" at the 53th Grammy Awards. See details on the site:

With the auspices of the Institut Ladin "Micurà de Ru" of S.Martin de Tor, the book by Nicola dal Falco "Miti ladini delle Dolomiti [Ladinian Myths of the Dolomites] - Ey de Net e Dolasila" has been published by Palombi Editore wirh the annotations and the essay "Narrating the Origins" by Ulrike Kindl.
At first glance, the literary part of the work shows several points of high artistical value, but for the friends of the Fanes its true importance resides in prof. Kindl's work, who exposes here an important and detailed updating of her alreay expressed ideas on the subject. Her opinions, as she is a top rank expert, must always be kept in the highest consideration, although her views are not always coincident with my own. I will therefore meditate upon them thoroughly and expose on this site the result of my reflexions.


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