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August 25th, 2013

I kept three other presentations of my book, at Falcade, S.Vito di Cadore and Agordo, according to what indicated in the previous newsletter. Thanks again to all people who helped me: in detail Luca Luchetta, who was fundamental in the organization of all three events, and whose warm and friendly hospitality I've greatly appreciated.

The presentation at the rifugio Fanes has been postponed to a date to be determined. This because the Rifugio was filled with German cycle riders, who didn't care of the Fanes legend at all. We shall see next year, I hope.

I also had the chance to appreciate the beauty of the Biois valley, that I already knew, but not deeply enough, including several aspects of the local folklore which gave me new reasons to meditate. I'm planning to report about them on this site in the next future.


August 12th, 2013

I've kept my first twopresentations of my book, at Pozza di Fassa and Cortina d'Ampezzo, as indicated in the previous newsletter. Thanks again to all people who made them possible.

In a short time I've planned other four, precisely:

- wednesday Aug. 21st at 21.00 at Falcade, at the sala consiliare, piazza Municipio 1;

- thursday Aug. 22nd at 21.00 at S.Vito di Cadore at the ex asilo, Italia 92;

- friday Aug. 23rd at 21.00 at Agordo at the sala don Tanis, via 27 aprile 10;

- saturday Aug. 24th at 21.00 at the rifugio Fanes at San Vigilio di Marebbe.

I'm also adding a couple of notes:

- Fabio Chiocchetti kindly pointed out that the portrait indicated as being De Rossi's is really G.B. Alton's and provided me with a correct one. You can find it here.

- I've added in the bibliography the noteworthy volume by W.Pescosta (2010) "Storia dei Ladini delle Dolomiti" [History of the Dolomites Ladinians].


July 24th, 2013

One year from the previous, here is a new site update.

The main news are that I finally succeeded in publishing my essay about the Fanes! It appeared a few days ago, edited by Il Cerchio, under the title Il Regno dei Fanes - analisi di una leggenda delle Dolomiti, and in a short time it should be available in bookstores (in Italy, at least). My best thanks to the writer Paolo Gulisano, who helped me a lot and was also so kind as to write an excellent preface to the book. Best thanks also to my daughter Elena who designed the cover image and also those in the book.


I am planning to promote the book with several presentations. The first to come will happen at Pozza di Fassa at the Commune Hall next August, 6th at 17.30. The show "Dolasila" will follow, a multimedial installation with musical performances by Susy Rottonara on texts by Roland Verra.

A second presentation will take place at Cortina d'Ampezzo at the Miramonti Hotel next August, 8th at 18.

Other presentations may follow shortly - I'll keep you informed!

If you wish to purchase the book, you may find other useful hints here.


I went into new considerations about the mythological significance of the character of Molta. You may find them here.


I'm also adding a few news and infos (see Music and Movies).


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