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October 17th, 2011

I completed the translation of all Wolff's Forewords to his Dolomitensagen as they appear in the latest (16th) Issue, as well as of his Integrations.

I also prepared an abstract of prof. Poppi's work (1987) about the status of oral traditions in the Fassa valley, comparing his remarks with those by Wolff, eighty years earlier.

Finally, I'm providing a report on my visit to the "Brenner" Archive at Innsbruck, where K.F.Wolff's legacy is preserved. I hoped finding something more, nevertheless I believe my conclusions to be rather important.


August 24th, 2011

With the help of a hot and domestic August, here is a new quick update. I translated from German the second Wolff’s foreword to the Kingdom of Fanes, and I went on with the same Author’s foreword to the first issue of his Dolomitensagen, and then that to the eighth issue. Besides, I found a text of his about “Matriarchate and Patriarchate”; I started translating it as well, but in a short time I realized that it wasn’t at all as interesting and clarifying as I had hoped. Therefore, I’m showing here just a short summary of it. I introduced a couple of remarks in already written chapters: about the fact that Wolff already had clear in his mind what the “Splanedis” was meaning, that made me so thinkful before reading his original text in German, and about the pre-ladinian place name “Alba” meaning “cliff”.
Then, I deeply modified my “Laboratory” on shield bearers, including the important contributions by Alessandro Manfroi and Davide Ermacora; finally, I added a hint to Fabio Chiocchetti’s new theatrical piece.


July 20th, 2011

Alas, I did it again! Another one year and a half have elapsed since last time I updated this site. I don't dare making any more guesses about when will the next updating take place: I can only hope it will be sooner.

In this update, I've added four new contributions which I suppose of some relevance:

  • I translated from German (from the Dolomitensagen) Wolff's first foreword to his "Kingdom of Fanes".
  • You can find here a resume and my remarks about the book on the legends of the Rocca Pietore area, that I received by the courtesy of A. Agostinelli.
  • Dr. Benno Baumgarten, Deputy Director of the Museum of Natural History of Bolzano, very kindly made me available the original paper, that appeared ot the Schlern magazine, by G. Innerebner relevant to his archaeological researches on the Fanes Alp; I translated it here and made my remarks.
  • I prepared a short note about the anguane's skill to foretell the right time for farming tasks.

I've also added several news and infos (see also Reports):

  • The movie "Le Regn de Fanes", by H.P.Karbon and R.Verra, with music and starred by Susi Rottonara, already repeatedly quoted here for the several awards it received, obtained as many as five awards at the Los Angeles Reel Film Festival 2009; I'm talking of that in the section Movies.
  • Ms. Maria Grazia Tarabiono kindly brought to my attention the feminine Ladinian trio Le Ganes; you can find something more here.
  • Davide Ermacora kindly delivered my a copy of his graduation thesis (Letters and Philosophy: Preservation of Cultural Heritage - Archaeology) titled "Between Antiquity and Middle Age: considerations and perspectives about the type of the Wild Man", that offered me several topics to meditate upon. It's my intention to publish a resume and my remarks here in a short time.
  • I purchased two enjoyable booklets of legends from Trentino, written by Andrea Foches, each with a DVD attached; you can find some more detail here.
  • I've been kindly contacted by Paolo Barelli, a member of a Rock-Folk band from Trentino, who promotes the Ladinian language. He brought to my attention an album of jazz music in Ladinian. You can read something more here.
  • The show "The secret of the Lake of the Rainbow [L segret del lech de l'ercabuan]" has been enacted, with music, narration and songs inspired by the legends of the Latemàr e the Carezza Lake, on a text by Fabio Chiocchetti and music by Gianfranco Grisi. To know more, you can be look here.
  • Since June 4th to Sept. 28th, 2011 an art exhibition is in progress at the Museum "Vittorino Cazzetta" at Selva di Cadore. Works by Luisa Rota Sperti are on display.
  • Again, Davide Ermacora has let me know that, in my remarks about Shield-bearers, I omitted (my ignorance!) quoting several references to Greek heroes who fought as a couple. I must think of it somewhat deeper, then I'll update my text.
  • Adriana Comaschi published a volume of fictional legends, inspired by Wolff's works. (Sabja de Fek e altri racconti). A few more references here.
  • Enrosadira is a six-monthly free press, distributed in the Information Offices, the hotels and the shopping centers of the Upper Badia valley. Its director, Antonio Signorini, kindly got in touch with me to bring it to my attention. Until now, four issues have been published. In the latest (Summer, 2011) you can find a paper by Roland Verra, illustrated by Fabio Visintin, about the "bad guys" of the Dolomitic legends.
    Finally, I've updated the Bibliography and the Links.


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